Gogol (parody)

GogolSpider is the web spider for http://gogol.librelogiciel.com which is a parody of the Google search engine.

You can tell GogolSpider to ignore your site's content by putting a robots.txt file on your website.

GogolSpider's User-Agent signature is GogolSpider - http://gogol.librelogiciel.com/bot.html

If for some reason you want GogolSpider to not connect at all to your website, please send an email to us at gogol@librelogiciel.com.

For your information, we don't copy any of your content, excepted urls included in your website. We will never reframe your own content in our website, because our search engine immediately and randomly redirects end users to your website using an HTTP 303 status code.

While most developers of search engines will never tell you how their engine works internally, we are really proud to explain our Rage Prank algorithm in great details.

©2002-2008 LibreLogiciel.com - This site is a parody of Google.