Gogol (parody)

This site is a parody of the best search engine out there, Google.
It's main purpose is to make you have some fun, but it also seems to be a fantastic world discovery tool !

Gogol doesn't take ANY care of what you are looking for, but instead will redirect you to a more or less randomly chosen document.
If Gogol ever redirected you to a web page related to what you really were searching for, this would be a pure coincidence.

This website's goal is not to make you laugh about mentally ill people : "Gogol" in french is often used, as well as "Mongolien" (like in DEVO's "Mongoloid" song), to name people who suffer from Down's Syndrome, aka Trisomy 21.
Instead it's a tribute to both Google, Gogol 1er, and Nikolai Gogol, author of "Diary of a Madman", from where the funnel comes !

Since May 24th 2008, and for legal reasons, this website doesn't use any external seach engine to do its job, but has its own websites indexing bot, and regularly increases the size and quality of its index, thanks to our Rage Prank algorithm.

©2002-2008 LibreLogiciel.com - This site is a parody of Google.